What is Watford Records LLC?

Founded by Matthew “Wattson” Watford; Watford Records LLC is an Independent Record Label in Cayce-West Columbia, South Carolina.

Specializing and Producing the most Raw and Authentic Hip-Hop Music full of Pain, Poverty, & Love as well as victories and losses. 

Hip-Hop isn’t a Genre, Hip-Hop is a Culture and we live this Culture day in and day out. 

Therefore, Watford Records as a collective runs much deeper than music between one another. 

Watford Records Spotify Playlist

Playlist Compiled of Various Artists at Watford Records.

Check out some of the music our team has worked hard creating including Watford Records Artists such as Wattson, DC Zoe, Billy Da Kidd, 803 Outlaws, Traevon Martyr, Hosea Harris, The Plague Doctors, Ezra Adkinz, & more!


1717 Wadsworth Drive, Cayce SC, 29033


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